About us

Horsham YBC was founded in 2018 after Eastbourne YBC was forced to re-locate and subsequently disband at the end of last season. Eastbourne YBC was established back in 1994, so we bring a wealth of experience with us.


It's a long story, but we relocated briefly to Horsham, and as of January 2020 we're back in Eastbourne! We will remain Horsham YBC for the remainder of this season, but from September 2020 we will once again be known as Eastbourne YBC.


We welcome boys and girls aged between 7 & 21 to have fun learning to bowl with our qualified coaches. Once the bowlers reach a satisfactory level, they then compete in our singles and doubles leagues and we invite them take part in competitions that take place across the country.


We do lots of coaching, as well as a number of fun bowl sessions and internal competitions. Don’t worry though, lots of what we do is based on a handicap system which means all bowlers can be competitive.


Our club is proud to have produced a number of excellent bowlers. Many of our youths have competed for Sussex, and some have also gone on to represent England.